Monday, August 26, 2013

Milk Carton houses!

Here is a milk carton house that I made about a week ago!  The bottom of it is a cube, about 2".  You can find lots of templates on-line.  I like this one because I can send it flat through the mail, though I'm keeping this one!!


  1. what a cool idea! I love that it folds flat. Yours is gorgeous. I'm off to search for templates!

  2. This is very cool, Karenann, and so neatly and precisely done.

  3. This is **absolutely** beautiful Karenann!!
    **how cool is this, folds flat, I am sold on the idea**
    I am inspired, thank you ~xx
    I am going to have to add this one to the group, I'm off... :]

  4. Super cute...Thanks for your sure to send me a link when you finish your book box.